Newly opened Ropali branch in Digos says hi to 1st customer

December 28, 2019 - Never miss an opportunity, they say. And Digos' first customer certainly did just that. 

 Morning Barahim Sampang, a resident of Digos, Davao Del Sur, is the first customer of our newly opened branch in Digos, Davao Del Sur. Sampang purchased a brand new XRM 125 DS during the Grand Opening celebration of Ropali Motorcycles. 

 Morns, her nickname, had been a resident of Digos for more than 6 years.

Valencia 1st customer gets dream motorycle

December 26, 2019 - As a new branch in Digos opened, so was the opportunity for a client to get his hands on his dream motorcycle. 

 Archie Despi purchased a brand new Suzuki Smash 115 Spoke, together with his wife, during the grand opening of the Valencia branch. 

 Archie said that the motorcycle will be helpful for his business.

Ropali-Carcar gets 1st customer during opening

Many of us would want to receive different types of gifts on Christmas. Some of us would find the time to go shopping on malls, and some would just like to buy whatever they desire and Felix made his Christmas merry by buying himself a gift of motorcycle from our newly-opened branch in Carcar, Cebu. 

 On December 18, just a few days before Christmas, Felix P. Abesia purchased a Smash 115 Spoke, the very same date when Ropali Carcar conducted its Grand Opening. Seen posing with his brand-new motorcycle, he certainly had a priceless smile plastered on his face.

Naga Cebu branch’s first customer is a woman

It was a dream come true for Cheryl Sederiosa to be able to possess her own motorcycle from Ropali. Cheryl, who lives with her husband in Naga, Cebu, had been a resident of the city for more than 6 years. 

 Cheryl purchased a Mio 125i. Her eyes were shining with glee as she was asked to pose with her newly-purchased motorcycle unit.